The value of appearance, the importance of functionality

For a variety of reasons, teeth frequently do not grow in the correct position. It is extremely important to be able to catch these situations early on in a child and to correct them. The skeleton and the teeth can then grow and develop properly.  

In an adult, where the skeleton is already fully grown, it is still possible to correct the position of the teeth. This means optimum functional and esthetic results, as well as permitting a minimally invasive rehabilitation.


ORTHODONTICS: this word defines the science behind correcting the position of teeth. The goal is that they not only work well but look good at the anytime a smile is called for. This can be done at any age, with differing outcomes. In a child, even a very young one, dental and facial bone growth can be encouraged with an early-stage restoration of correct functionality. The position of an adults’ teeth may be corrected and consequently realigned for a beautiful smile and good chewing functionality. Often, knowing which teeth to move and how will resolve missing tooth issues.  This makes prosthetic treatment (adding teeth) more respectful and less invasive.