The most important service that our studios can offer you

Perhaps the prevention is the most important service that our studios can offer you.

Dental caries appear in a very subtle and asymptomatic way and only the dentist by check-up, X-rays or other diagnosis devices can intercept them in their initial phase, when the damage is minimum and the cures to treat them are simple and not serious.

Let it be remembered that poor oral hygiene is the cause of almost all dental and gum disease, and while it is not so easy to perform with correct techniques to have the best results it is important to be followed by an oral hygienist from a very early age.

Children’s malocclusion intercepted in its initial phase allows early therapies to be planned, which favours a more harmonious and functional growth of the young patient.

Do you Know what?

Bacteria plaque which covers the teeth and the gum, must be constantly removed daily with toothbrushing. The plaque is white and blends perfectly with the teeth. We can teach you in a simple and infallible way to remove it completely.