The most important service that our studios can offer you

Prevention may well be the single most important service that our clinics have to offer you.

Caries, like gum disease, come on subtly and without symptoms. Only a dentist, by careful examination using X-rays and other diagnostic methods can catch them during the initial onset. If caught early, damage can be kept at a minimum and can be treated simply and without involving great costs.

Poor oral hygiene is the root of all tooth and gum disease. It is not always easy to take the necessary and correct action for best results – this is why it can be important to have a dental hygienist from an early age.

Bad bite alignment problems in children can be treated precociously.

We can treat the young patient with therapies aimed at aiding functional and harmonious tooth development, when caught early.

Do you Know what?

The bacterial plaque that covers teeth and gums (which must be removed constantly and every day by brushing) is actually white in colour. This lets it camouflage perfectly against the tooth.

We can teach you a simple and fail-proof method to recognize it and remove it completely.