Esthetic rehabilitation covers all treatment whose aim is to restore tooth shape, colour, and alignment. It affects perioral tissue tone, and, as a result, makes your smile better overall. Personalized treatment requires preliminary study – often done with special software that allows us to design your smile beforehand. This software is an excellent means of communication and gives us the chance to decide what treatment will give the desired effect. To establish a treatment plan and to visually forecast the desired result in one’s own mouth, a series of photographs, videos, imprints need to be taken. These are then transferred to a software which can forecast the new tooth and bite shape before adding the above to the patients’ mouth.

Corrections can then be made, availing of conservative, orthodontic, periodontal, and prosthetic therapies, according to the individual patients’ needs. Every prosthetic step is done with the use of a microscope to give maximum precision. This is fundamental to adjustment and duration over time. All-ceramic crowns and bands are used, constructed by top of the range laboratories, specializing in dental esthetics. No metals are used.