Making your whole smile better

Prosthetics are resorted to when patients are afflicted by edentulia. This is a partial or total missing teeth scenario.

It can be treated by substituting the patients’ own teeth with artificial ones.

Prosthetic operations can done to correct functional anomalies, as well as correcting esthetic issues of shape, colour or position of the existing teeth.

There is more than one type of dental prothesis:

  • Fixed prothesis: this is a substitution of existing teeth with definitive and stable artificial ones. (crowns, bridges, and veneers)
  • Removable prothesis: partial or total substitution of the whole arch with removable teeth.
  • Combined prothesis: this restores the functional efficiency of the arch by using Osseo integrated titanium implants or teeth. These are removable teeth that are anchored to the bone, which ensures long term functional reliability.
  • Fixed implant prothesis: this implant technique entails substitution of single teeth or whole arches by surgically inserting titanium rods. The teeth are then secured permanently to them. The prosthetic tooth may be screwed on or cemented to the rod. We can make prosthetic teeth from resin, ceramic or a composite.