Conservative dentistry deals with treating and reconstructing teeth that have been compromised by caries or fractures. Its main objective is to keep the tooth healthy. The goal of treatment is to restore esthetics and functionality to a tooth that has been damaged by cariogenic processes or fractures. From a very young age, caries is one of the main reasons for fixing a dentist appointment. Dental fractures, on the other hand, are not only a result of cariogenic processes, but also of accidental traumas. Conservative dentistry is fundamental for rebuilding tooth functionality and giving the patient the possibility of recovering their full mastication. Conservative dentistry prevents having to resort to endodontic treatment or an extraction further down the line.

Caries is a slow-moving dental infection that is brought on by certain bacteria in the mouth. At first it might not have any symptoms. Later, this can give way to pain, hypersensitivity, and bad breath. The origins of this pathology may found in an unhealthy diet, smoking, poor dental hygiene or even in the genes.


Although in prehistoric times there were no instruments for dental hygiene, there were fewer cases of caries.
This is because there were no refined sugars then. They are one of the main causes of caries today.